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英语学习笔记 Blue on blue

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摘要: ​​​​✸✸FRESHMEN crowded the lecture hall at 9am for Humanities110, the first class of their college careers. Elizabeth Drumm,the head ofthe programme, made some in ...

​​ ​​✸✸ FRESHMEN crowded the lecture hall at 9am for Humanities110, the first class of their college careers. Elizabeth Drumm, the head of the programme, made some introductory remarks, her voice quavering. As some faculty members moved to take their places at a panel discussion, three demonstrators emerged from the wings of the auditorium. “We’re protesting Hum 110 because it’s Eurocentric,” one began. “I’m sorry, this is a classroom space and this is not appropriate,” Ms Drumm said, immediately cancelling the lecture. Thus began another academic year at Reed College, a liberal arts college in Portland, Oregon.

1the head of a bed [eə hed ɔv ei bed]   [ei hɛd ʌv e bɛd]  床头

Rectify together board be together ark of the head of a bed and lathe bedconnection, and was designed enough store object space. 


2quavering [k'weɪvərɪŋ]   [k'weɪvərɪŋ]  adj.震动的,颤抖的 v.用颤抖的声音说;发颤音,(声音或音乐)颤抖( quaver的现在分词 )

Even his voice became quavering and lost its old masterfulness. 


3panel discussion [ˈpænəl disˈkʌʃən]   [ˈpænəl dɪˈskʌʃən]  n.小组讨论;合议

A panel discussion was held on abortion. 


4emerge from [iˈmə:dʒ frɔm]   [ɪˈmɚdʒ frʌm]  来自; 浮现;露出;脱离

His voice stopped short as he saw the blade emerge from Desmond's pocket. 



​  ​​✸✸ Last academic year, a dozen or so students continuously occupied the three-day-a-week lecture series by sitting in front of the auditorium with cardboard signs, sometimes taping their mouths in protest at the absence of non-white voices in the syllabus. One even took to lecturing the freshman class on the podium from an alternate curriculum before the start of each session. But this year, the college’s president sent out an e-mail outlining the school’s dissent policy 16 minutes before the lecture began, warning that the administration would act against potential violations. Reed College students were ranked as the most liberal and the second most studious in Princeton Review’s survey of its top 382 liberal arts colleges. That compound of leftist politics and serious scholarship proved unstable last year as activists managed to cow the college’s administration, students and faculty alike.

1in front of [in frʌnt ɔv]   [ɪn frʌnt ʌv]  面前;前面;当着的面

I stood for a few moments in front of the nearest shop window. 


2) dissent [dɪˈsent]   [dɪˈsɛnt]  n.意见的分歧,异议;〈英〉反对国教;〈集合词〉不信奉国教者


He is the toughest military ruler yet and has responded harshly to any dissent 


短语: dissent from [diˈsent frɔm]   [dɪˈsɛnt frʌm]  意见不同,不赞同

I think nobody will dissent from the government's policy. 


3) act against [ækt əˈɡenst]   [ækt əˈɡenst]  违反(法律等),做不利于的事

Governors are using the increased powers given to them to act against incompetentheadteachers. 董事们运用赋予他们的更大权力罢免不称职的校长。


​  ​​✸✸ The protesters argue that the Humanities programme is racist because it ignores many of the world’s great civilisations and because its authors are overwhelmingly male and white. They point out that black students represent less than 3% of the school’s 1,400 students and argue that the administration has not done enough to support them. A good portion of the student body appear to support their goals and tactics.

1) point out [pɔint aut]   [pɔɪnt aʊt]  指明;指出,把注意力引向…;提示;点明

They kept standing up to take pictures and point things out to each other 


2) appear to [əˈpiə tu:]   [əˈpɪr tu]   似乎,好像

The opposition appear to have chosen the path of cooperation rather than confrontation



​  ​​✸✸  Assistant professor Lucia Martinez Valdivia, who describes herself as mixed-race and queer, asked protesters not to demonstrate during her lecture on Sappho last November. Ms Valdivia said she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and doubted her ability to deliver the lecture in the face of their opposition. At first, demonstrators announced they would change tactics and sit quietly in the audience, wearing black. After her speech, a number of them berated her, bringing her to tears.

1) lecture on [ˈlektʃə ɔn]   [ˈlɛktʃɚ ɑn]  就(某题目)作报告,办讲座

She then invited him to Atlanta to lecture on the history of art 


2) suffer from [ˈsʌfə frɔm]   [ˈsʌfɚ frʌm]   患(某种病),受(某种病痛)折磨;而受罚[苦,损];;

Many kids suffer from acne and angst. 


短语:suffer from injustice 委屈;冤苦

suffer from an illness 患病

suffer from a disease [ˈsʌfə frɔm ə diˈzi:z]   [ˈsʌfɚ frʌm e dɪˈziz]  患病

suffer from hunger or starvation 挨饿