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摘要: CATTI三级笔译综合能力考试试题及答案解析 一、Vocabulary Selection(本大题20小题.每题1.0分,共20.0分。In this part, there are 20 incomplete sentences. Below each sentence, there are four words or phr ...


一、Vocabulary Selection(本大题20小题.每题1.0分,共20.0分。In this part, there are 20 incomplete sentences. Below each sentence, there are four words or phrases respectively marked by letters A, B, C and D. Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. There is only one right answer.


Marketing is ______ just distributing goods from the manufacturer to the final customer.

A rather than

B other than

C bigger than

D more than


The magician picked several persons ______ from the audience and asked them to help him with the performance.

A by accident

B at random

C on occasion


English language publications in China are growing in volume and ______.

A circulation

B rotation

C circumstance

D appreciation


Dust storms most often occur in areas where the ground has little vegetation to protect of the wind.

A from the effects

B it the effects

C it from the effects

D the effects from it


On turning the comer, they saw the path ______ steeply.

A departing

B descending

C decreasing


Most nurses are women, but in the higher ranks of the medical profession women are a

A scarcity

B minority

C minimum


With an eighty-hour week and little enjoyment, life must have been very for the students.

A hostile

B anxious

C tedious

D obscure


Container-grown plants can be planted at any time of the year, but ______ in winter.

A should be

B would be

C preferred

D preferably


Hydroponics ______ the cultivation of plants without soil.

A does

B is

C do

D are


In the eighteenth century, the town of Bennington, Vermont, was famous for pottery.

A it made

B its

C the making

D where its


To impose computer technology ______ teachers is to create an environment that is not conducive to learning.

A with

B to

C in

D on


Good pencil erasers are soft enough not ______ paper but hard enough so that they crumble gradually when used.

A by damaging

B so that they damage

C to damage

D damaging


Both longitude and latitude ______ in degrees, minutes and seconds.

A measuring

B measured

C are measured

D being measured


Our flight to Guangzhou was ______ by a bad fog and we had to stay much longer in the hotel than we had expected.

A delayed

B adjourned

C cancelled

D preserved


______ of his childhood home in Hannibal, Missouri, provided Mark Twain with the inspiration for two of his most popular novels.

A Remembering

B Memories

C It was the memories

D He remembered


Most comets have two kinds of tails, one made up of dust, ______ made up of electrically charged particles called plasma.

A one another

B the other

C other ones

D each other


We have had to raise the prices of our products because of the increase in the cost of materials.

A primitive

B rough

C original

D raw


______ a language family is a group of languages with a common origin and similar vocabulary, grammar, and sound system.

A What linguists call

B It is called by linguists

C Linguists call it

D What do linguists call


______ get older, the games they play become increasingly complex.

A Children

B Children, when they

C As children

D For children to


Whenever the government increases public services, ______ because more workers are needed to carry out these services.

A employment to rise

B employment rises

C which rising employment

D the rise of employment

二、Vocabulary Replacement(本大题15小题.每题1.0分,共15.0分。This part consists of 15 sentences in which one word or phrase is underlined. Below each sentence, there are four choices respectively marked by letters A, B, C and D. You are to select the ONE choice that can replace the underlined word without causing any grammatical error or changing the principal meaning of the sentence. There is only one right answer.


Public relations practice is the deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its public.

A complete

B related

C intentional

D active


The service economy doesn't suggest that we convert our factories into laundries to survive.

A imply

B persuade

C hurl

D transform


The ultimate cause of the Civil War was the bombardment of Fort Sumter.

A only

B final

C true

D special


Most species of this plant thrive in ordinary well-drained garden soil and they are best planted 8cm deep and 5cm apart.

A develop well

B grow taller

C mature

D bear fruit


Jim was a stout old gentleman, with a weather-beaten countenance.

A body

B skin

C shoulder

D passionate interest


The use of the new technology will have a profound effect on schools.

A negative

B positive

C strong

D useful


He has a touch of eccentricity in his composition.

A essay

B writing

C character

D manner


The most striking technological success in the 20th century is probably the computer revolution.

A profitable

B productive

C prominent

D prompt


Shellfish give the deceptive appearance of enjoying a peaceful existence, although in fact life is a constant struggle for them.

A misleading

B calm

C understandable

D initial


Motivation is the driving force within individuals that impels them to action.

A impedes

B interferes

C holds

D pushes


Scientific evidence from different disciplines demonstrates that in most humans the left hemisphere of the brain controls language.

A groups of followers

B years

C countries

D fields of study


If we look at the Chinese and British concepts of hospitality, we find one major similarity but a number of important differences.

A hostility

B friendliness

C manner

D culture


It was rather strange how the habits of his youth clung to him still. He was 72.

A stuck to

B turned

C led to

D gave way to


In just three years, the Net has gone from a playground for the local people to a vast communications and trading center where millions swap information or do deals around the world.

A business

B shopping

C chatting

D meeting


No hero of ancient or modem days can surpass the Indians with their lofty contempt of death and the fortitude with which they sustain its cruelest affliction.

A regard

B courage

C loss

D trick

三、Correcting Grammatical Errors(本大题14小题.每题1.0分,共14.0分。This part consists of 15 sentences in which there is an underlined part that indicates a grammatical error Below each sentence, there are four choices respectively marked by letters A, B, C and D. You are to select the ONE choice and replace the underlined element(s) so that the error is erased and corrected. There is only one right answer.


The first recorded use of natural gas to light street lamps it was in the town of Frederick, New York, in 1825.

A was

B is

C it is

D were


Furniture makers use glue to hold joints together and sometimes to reinforce it.

A its

B fast

C hard

D them


All living creatures pass on inherited traits from one generation to other.

A the other

B another

C others

D other one


Unlike competitive running, race walkers must always keep some portion of their feet in contact with the ground.

A run

B runner

C runners

D running race


The eastern bluebird is considered the most attractive bird native of North America by many bird-watchers.

A native

B native with

C native by

D native to


Machines that use hydraulic pressure including elevators, dentist chairs, and automobile brakes.

A exclude

B excluding

C include

D are included


All root vegetables grow underground, and not all vegetables that grow underground are roots.

A but

B or

C as

D thus


All mammals have hair, but not always evident.

A but it is not

B but it is

C but they are not

D but they are


A promising note is a written agreement to pay a certain sum of money at some time future.

A time futures

B futures

C futures time

D future time


Not much people realize that apples have been cultivated for over 3,000 years.

A Not many

B Not enough

C Without many

D No many


Although the social sciences different a great deal from one another, they share a common interest in human relationship.

A move

B differ

C change

D varies


The hard, out surface of the tooth is called enamel.

A outside

B appearance

C outer

D hiding


The earliest form of artificial lighting was fire, which also provided warm and protection.

A hot

B sunshine

C warmth

D safe


New York City surpassed the other Atlantic seaports in partly because it developed the best transportation links with the interior of the country.

A part

B partial

C partner

D parting

四、Reading Comprehension(共50小题,50.0分)In this section you will find after each of the passages a number of questions or unfinished statements about the passage, each with four (A, B, C and D) suggested answers or ways of finishing. You must choose the one which you think fits best.



Phyllis Wheatley is regarded as America's first black poet. She was born in Senegal, Africa, about 1753 and brought to America aboard a slave ship at about the age of seven. John and Susannah Wheatley bought her for three pounds at a slave auction in Boston in 1761 to be a personal servant of Mrs. Wheatley. The family had three other slaves, and all were treated with respect. Phyllis was soon accepted as one of the family, which included being raised and educated with the Wheatley's twin 15-year-old children, Mary and Nathaniel. At that time, most females, even from better families, could not read and write, but Mary was probably one of the best educated young women in Boston. Mary wanted to become a teacher, and in fact, it was Mary who decided to take charge of Phyllis's education. Phyllis soon displayed her remarkable talents. At the age of twelve she was reading the Greek and Latin classics and passages from the Bible. And eventually, Mrs. Wheatley decided Phyllis should become a Christian.
At the age of thirteen Phyllis wrote her first poem. She became a Boston sensation after she wrote a poem on the death of the evangelical preacher George Whitfield in 1770. It became common practice in Boston to have "Mrs. Wheatley's Phyllis" read poetry in polite society. Mary married in 1771, and Phyllis later moved to the country because of poor health, as a teacher and caretaker to a farmer's three children. Mary had tried to interest publishers in Phyllis's poems but once they heard she was a Negro they weren't interested.
Then in 1773 Phyllis went with Nathaniel, who was now a businessman, to London. It was thought that a sea voyage might improve her health. Thirty-nine of her poems were published in London as Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral. It was the first book published by a black American. In 1775 Phyllis wrote a poem extolling the accomplishments of George Washington and sent it to him. He responded by praising her talents and inviting her to visit his headquarters. After both of her benefactors died in 1777, and Mary died in 1778, Phyllis was freed as a slave. She married in 1778, moved away from Boston, and had three children. But after the unhappy marriage, she moved back to Boston, and died in poverty at the age of thirty.

What does the passage mainly discuss?

A Slavery and the treatment of the black people in America.

B The Wheatley family, including their slaves.

C The life of America's first black poet.


The underlined word "respect" in Paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to

A consideration

B disregard

C punishment


According to the passage, how many slaves did the Wheatley's have?

A One.

B Two.

C Three.

D Four.


According to the passage, an unusual feature of Mary was that she

A was not much older than Phyllis

B wanted to become a teacher

C was comparatively well educated

D decided to take charge of Phyllis's education


The underlined word "eventually" in Paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to

A ultimately

B slowly

C reluctantly

D gradually


Which of the following is NOT true about Phyllis in the early 1770s?

A She wrote her first poem when in her teens.

B She married in 1771.

C She became a teacher.

D She was able to get her poems published.


The underlined word "they" in Paragraph 2 refers to ______.

A publishers

B poems

C children

D black people


It can be inferred that Phyllis's trip to England with Nathaniel in 1773 ______.

A did not improve her health

B was for business reasons

C led to books of her poems being available in America

D led to the publication of her poems because the English were more interested in religious and moral subjects


The word "extolling" is closest in meaning to ______.

A welcoming

B stating

C bemoaning

D praising


Which of the following conclusions about Phyllis is supported by the passage?

A She would have been more recognized as a poet if she had not been black.

B She would have written poetry if she had stayed in Africa.

C She went unrecognized as a poet during her lifetime.

D She only wrote religious poetry.


About fifty years ago, plant physiologists set out to grow roots by themselves in solutions in laboratory flasks. The scientists found that the nutrition of isolated roots was quite simple. They required sugar and the usual minerals and vitamins. However, they did not require organic nitrogen compounds. These roots got along fine on mineral inorganic nitrogen. Roots are capable of making their own proteins and other organic compounds. These activities by roots require energy, of course. The process of respiration uses sugar to make the high energy compound ATP, which drives the biochemical reactions. Respiration also requires oxygen. Highly active roots require a good deal of oxygen.
The study of isolated roots has provided an understanding of the relationship between shoots and roots in intact plants. The leaves of the shoots provide the roots with sugar and vitamins, and the roots provide the shoots with water and minerals. In addition, roots can provide the shoots with organic nitrogen compounds. This comes in handy for the growth of buds in the early spring when leaves are not yet functioning. Once leaves begin photosynthesizing, they produce protein, but only mature leaves can "export" protein to the rest of the plant in the form of amino acids.

What is the main topic of the passage?

A The relationship between a plant's roots and its shoots.

B What can be learned by growing roots in isolation.

C How plants can be grown without roots.

D What elements are necessary for the growth of plants.


The underlined word "themselves" in Paragraph 1 refers to ______.

A plant physiologists

B solutions

C laboratory flasks

D roots


The scientists found what the isolated roots need is ______.

A quite natural

B sugar, minerals and vitamins

C some rare vitamins

D organic nitrogen compounds


Roots have the ability to ______.

A make proteins

B obtain fresh air

C produce inorganic nitrogen

D carry out activities without energy


According to the passage, what is ATP?

A A biochemical process.

B The tip of a root.

C A chemical compound.

D A type of plant cell.


The underlined word "intact" in Paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to ______.

A mature

B wild

C whole

D tiny


The use of the phrase "comes in handy" underlined in Paragraph 2 indicates that the process is ______.

A unavoidable

B predictable

C necessary

D successful


It can be inferred from the passage that, in the early spring, the buds of plants ______.

A "export" protein in the form of amino acids

B do not require water

C have begun photosynthesizing

D obtain organic compounds from the root


Which of the following best describes the organization of the passage?

A The results of two experiments are compared.

B A generalization is made, and several examples of it are given.

C The findings of an experiment are explained.

D A hypothesis is presented, and several means of proving it are suggested.


Where is this passage likely to be found?

A A newsletter.

B A magazine.

C A storybook.

D A novel.


Natural flavorings and fragrances are often costly and limited in supply. For example, the vital ingredient in a rose fragrance is extracted from natural rose oil at a cost of thousands of dollars a pound; an identical synthetic substance can be made for 1% of this cost. Since the early twentieth century, success in reproducing these substances has created a new industry that today produces hundreds of artificial flavors and fragrances.
Some natural fragrances are easily synthesized; these include vanillin, the aromatic ingredient in vanilla, and benzaldehyde, the aromatic ingredient in wild cherries. Other fragrances, however, have dozens, even hundreds of components. Only recently has it been possible to separate and identify these ingredients by the use of gas chromatography and spectroscopy. Once the chemical identity is known, it is often possible to synthesize them. Nevertheless, some complex substances, such as the aroma of fresh coffee, have still not been duplicated satisfactorily.
Many of the chemical compounds making up these synthetics are identical to those found in nature, and are as harmless or harmful as the natural substances. New products must be tested for safety, and when used in food, must be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
The availability of synthetic flavors and fragrances has made possible a large variety of products, from inexpensive beverages to perfumed soap to used cars with applied "new car odor."

From the passage we can learn that ______.

A natural flavorings and fragrances are not quite dear

B the limitation of natural flavorings and fragrances is clear

C the supply of natural flavorings and fragrances is adequate to meet the demand

D the cost of producing natural flavorings and fragrances is high


Which of the following is true according to the passage?

A Natural rose fragrance is 100 times more expensive to produce than artificial rose fragrance.

B The most important ingredient in a rose fragrance is obtained from natural rose oil at a low cost.

C A different synthetic substance can be made for 1% of the cost.

D Natural rose oil costs the same as its fragrances.


The industry of producing hundreds of artificial flavors and fragrances probably appeared in ______.

A 2000

B 1953

C 1909

D 1810


According to the passage, all the following are easier to synthesize EXCEPT ______.

A aromatic ingredient in vanilla

B vanilla

C aromatic ingredient in wild cherry

D the flavor of fresh coffee


The underlined word "duplicated" in Paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to ______.

A make double

B make a copy of

C produce something equal to

D take from


Why does the author mention fresh coffee in Paragraph 2?

A As an example of complex substances having not been duplicated satisfactorily.

B Because the coffee fragrance is hard to produce.

C To conclude the passage.

D The smell of fresh coffee is inviting.


______, a substance can be synthesized.

A Upon identifying the basic components of it

B Once chemically analyzed

C When gas chromatography is used

D If spectroscopy is adopted


It can be inferred from the passage that ______.

A vanillin is easier to synthesize than benzaldehyde

B not all synthetic flavors are harmless

C in general, the less components there are in a fragrance, the harder it is to synthesize

D synthesized substances must be tested for safety only if they are used in food


Which of the following is the best title for the passage?

A How to Synthesize Fragrances

B Synthetic Substances Are Easy to Make

C Natural Flavorings and Fragrances

D Synthetic Flavors and Fragrances


Which of the following is NOT true according to the last paragraph?

A Synthetic fragrances can be used to make a used car smell like a new one.

B Synthetic flavors and fragrances have added to the varieties of products.

C Lemon soap is made out of some delicious lemon.

D It is likely that a bottle of orange juice is synthesized.


Some people associate migration mainly with birds. Birds do travel vast distances, but mammals also migrate. An example is the caribou, reindeer that graze on the grassy slopes of northern Canada. When the weather turns cold, they travel south until spring. Their tracks are so well-worn that they are clearly visible from the air. Another migrating mammal is the Alaska fur seal. These seals breed only in the Pribilot Islands in the Bering Sea. The young are born in June and by September are strong enough to go with their mothers on a journey of over 3,000 miles. Together they swim down the Pacific Coast of North America. The females and young travel as far as southern California. The males do not journey so far. They swim only to the Gulf of Alaska. In the spring, males and females all return to the islands, and there the cycle begins again. Whales are among the greatest migrators of all. The humpback and blue whales migrate thousands of miles each year from the polar seas to the tropics. Whales eat huge quantities of plankton. These are most abundant in cold polar waters. In winter, the whales move to warm waters to breed and give birth to their young.

From the passage we can learn that ______.

A people migrate like animals

B only birds migrate

C the female fur seals migrate only to the Gulf of Alaska

D not all mammals migrate


The phrase "An example" underlined in Paragraph 1 refers to an example of a ______.

A migratory mammal

B place where animals migrate

C migrating bird

D person who associates migration with birds


All the mammals are mentioned as migrating ones EXCEPT ______.

A caribou

B fin whale

C reindeer

D Alaska fur seal


Where can you see from the air the migration of the mammals?

A In the Pribilot Islands.

B In the Bering Sea.

C In southern California.

D In northern Canada.


Which of the following is NOT true?

A Whales breed in winter.

B Young whales are given birth in cold waters.

C Alaska fur seals give birth to the young only in one area.

D Alaska fur seals are born in warm weather.


Together ______ of Alaska fur seals swim down the Pacific Coast of North America.

A mothers and the young

B fathers and the young

C parents and the young

D seals and whales


Which of the following is NOT described in the passage?

A Whales migrate to breed and give birth to their young.

B Whale-watching in Boston in summer is attracting.

C Seals breed in the north before migration.

D Reindeer feed on grass.


Whales live on ______.

A tiny plants and animals in the sea

B the grassy slopes of northern Canada

C their young in cold winter

D the abundant seafood in tropic waters


How many kinds of migrating mammals are mentioned in the passage?

A Four.

B Three.

C Two.

D One.


What is the best title of the passage?

A Three Types of Whales

B Birds Migration

C Mammals Also Migrate

D Several Kinds of Migration


Electronic mail has become an extremely important and popular means of communication.
The convenience and efficiency of electronic mail are threatened by the extremely rapid growth in the volume of unsolicited commercial electronic mail. Unsolicited commercial electronic mail is currently estimated to account for over half of all electronic mail traffic, up from an estimated 7 percent in 2001, and the volume continues to rise. Most of these messages are fraudulent or deceptive in one or more respects.
The receipt of unsolicited commercial electronic mail may result in costs to recipients who cannot refuse to accept such mail and who incur costs for the storage of such mail, or for the time spent accessing, reviewing, and discarding such mail, or for both. The receipt of a large number of unwanted messages also decreases the convenience of electronic mail and creates a risk that wanted electronic mail messages, both commercial and noncommercial, will be lost, overlooked, or discarded amidst the larger volume of unwanted messages, thus reducing the reliability and usefulness of electronic mail to the recipient. Some commercial electronic mail contains material that many recipients may consider vulgar or pornographic in nature.
The growth in unsolicited commercial electronic mail imposes significant monetary costs on providers of Internet access services, businesses, and educational and nonprofit institutions that carry and receive such mail, as there is a finite volume of mail that such providers, businesses, and institutions can handle without further investment in infrastructure. Many senders of unsolicited commercial electronic mail purposefully disguise the source of such mail.
Many senders of unsolicited commercial electronic mail purposefully include misleading information in the messages' subject lines in order to induce the recipients to view the messages. While some senders of commercial electronic mail messages provide simple and reliable ways for recipients to reject (or 'opt-out' o0 receipt of commercial electronic mail from such senders in the future, other senders provide no such 'opt-out' mechanism, or refuse to honor the requests of recipients not to receive electronic mail from such senders in the future, or both.
Many senders of bulk unsolicited commercial electronic mail use computer programs to gather large numbers of electronic mail addresses on an automated basis from Internet websites or online services where users must post their addresses in order to make full use of the website or service.
The problems associated with the rapid growth and abuse of unsolicited commercial electronic mail cannot be solved by the government alone. The development and adoption of technological approaches and the pursuit of cooperative efforts with other countries will be necessary as well.

According to the passage, efficiency of e-mail is threatened by ______.

A heavy e-mail traffic

B fraudulent e-mail messages

C large volume of messages

D increasing amount of unwanted e-mail


Which of the following is NOT true about unwanted e-mail?

A It costs money to receive them.

B It's free to store them.

C It takes time to access them.

D It takes time to throw them away.


Unwanted e-mail may ______.

A cause companies to fail in business

B cause wanted e-mail messages to lose

C damage the credit of a company

D do good to a small company


"Pornographic" in Paragraph 3 probably means ______.

A decent

B instructional

C sexual

D commercial


What does unwanted e-mail messages do to the providers of the Internet services?

A Raising their cost.

B Raising the Internet speed.

C Improving their business.

D Attracting investment.


"Disguise" in Paragraph 4 is closest in meaning to ______.

A reveal

B hide

C deliver

D post


The word "induce" in Paragraph 5 is closest in meaning to ______.

A cheat

B introduce

C provide

D harm


"Opt-out" mechanism is probably ______.

A a machine that can be attached to your computer

B a button that you can make a choice to read or not to read

C a software that you can play a computer game

D an e-mail that says some good words to you


It can be inferred from Paragraph 6 that bulk unsolicited commercial e-mail will probably spread ______.

A harmful virus

B unpleasant news

C advertisements

D adult jokes



The unwanted e-mail problem can be solved if ______.

A the government takes action

B a new technology is adopted

C more people are aware of the problem

D joint efforts are made and new technology is used



Insurance is the sharing of (1) . Nearly everyone is exposed (2) risk of some sort. The house owner, for example, knows that his (3) can be damaged by fire; the ship owner knows that his vessel may be lost at sea; the breadwinner knows that he may die by (4) and (5) his family in poverty. On the other hand, not every house is damaged by fire or every vessel lost at sea. If these persons each put a (6) stun of money into a pool, there will be enough to (7) the needs of the few who do suffer (8) . In other words the losses of the few are met from the contributions of the (9) . This is the basis of (10) . Those who pay the contributions are known as (11) and those who administer the pool of the contributions as insurer.
The (12) for an insurance naturally depends on how the risk is to happen as suggested (13) past experience. If the companies fix their premiums too (14) , there will be more competition in their branch of insurance and they may lose (15) . On the other hand, if they make the premiums too low, they will not have (16) and may even have to drop out (17) business. So the ordinary forces of supply and (18) keep premiums at a proper (19) to both insurers and those who (20) insurance.