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摘要: 1991 年: 11. shut off 关上,停止,切断;12. in any case=at any rate 不管怎样,无论如何; in no case 决不;13. or so 大概,大约;14. at the rate of 以…的速率;15. take time 花费时 间;16. be likely to 可能 ...

1991 年:

11. shut off 关上,停止,切断;12. in any case=at any rate 不管怎样,无论如何; in

no case 决不;13. or so 大概,大约;14. at the rate of 的速率;15. take time 花费时

;16. be likely to 可能;倾向于;17. result in 导致;18. not nearly 远不能;远非;19. head

into 走向;陷入(危机);20. in the matter of 关于;而言;21. make…possible 使成为可

;22. combine…with ……结合起来;加上;23. in the fashion of 方式;24.

such…as 一样

1992 年:

25. refer to…提到;谈到;26. agreement on 一致意见;27. be comparable to

;犹如;28. in terms of 根据;按照;方面;29. on the whole 总体来说;大体上看;30.

draw a conclusion 得出结论;31. have the attitude towards 的态度;32. only if

;33. the same…as 一样;34. by lack of=for lack of 因为缺乏

1993 年:

35. nothing but 只不过是;36. by means of 通过;借助于;37. by the help of 通过的帮助;38. in a sort of sense 从某种意义上来说;39. manage to do sth. 设法做到;40.

extract …from ……提炼出;41. out of…起源;来源;根据;42. build up 建立;树立;43. by

no means 绝不;44. be compared with ……相比;45. a sort of 某种;46. set…… in

motion 开始;;47. differ in…方面不同;48. go through 经历;经受;仔细检查;49. in the

one case =on the one hand;50. in the course of the day=during the day;51. a train

of=a series of=an array of=a variety of

1994 年:

52. revolve around 围绕; 为中心;53. not so much…as 与其说不如

…;54. because of 由于;55. move forward 向前发展;56. in short 简而言之;总之;57.

as we call it 我们所谓的;58. the reach of science 科学能够到达的范围;59. a series of

一系列;60. over the years 多年以来;61. turn…on…转向,朝向;62. rather than 而不是;63.

at the expense of=at the cost of 为代价;64. vice versa反之亦然;65. depend on

决于;66. driving force 驱动力

1995 年:

67. social inequality 社会不公;68. in doing sth 过程中;69. divert…from

转移;70. lie with 取决于;在于;71. be validated by 验证/证实;72. whether…or

……还是;73. depend upon…and on 取决于还取决于…;74. depend upon…and

upon 取决于还取决于…;75. such…as 例如,象这种的;76. in general 通常;大体上;一般

而言;77. for example 比如;78. compensate for 补偿;赔偿;79. underprivileged

youngster 贫困的/下层社会的年轻人;80. grow up 长大;81. under…circumstances


1996 年:

82. be results of 由于…;83. social needs 社会需求;84. to some extent 在一定程度

;85. come to the conclusion 得出结论;86. make demand of 提出要求;87.

scientific establishment 科研机构;88. in detail 详细地;89. a certain amount of 一定数

量的;90. not related to… 没有关系;91. immediate goals 当前目标;92. be unable

to do 不能够…;93. in principle 原则上;基本上;一般而言;94. deal with 应付;解决;

;95. new forms of thought 新的思维方式;96. as well as ;97. new subjects for

thought 新的思维对象/内容;98. in the past 过去;99. give rise to sth 导致;引起;使

1997 年:

100. scoial contract 社会合同;101. an agreed account of 共识;102. human rights

****;103. leads ……to 导致;104. at the outset 从一开始,开始的时候;105. invite sb. to

do sth. 使某人认为;106. duties and entitlements 权利和义务;107. extend to 给与;108.

no…at all. 根本不是;109. arguing from the view that…的角度看;110. different

from…… 不同;111. in every relevant respect 在所有相关的方面;112. in action

作用;113. laugh at 嘲笑

1998 年:

114. even more important 更重要的是;115. be able to 能够;116. look into 洞察;

观察;117. put forward 放出;拿出;提出;118. work with 共事/合作;起作用;119. close

in on 接近,差不多;120. as expected 正如预期的;121. a refinement of 一种更为完美的

1999 年:

122. as…as… 一样;123. conform to 符合;遵照;124. see…as 看作;125.

less…and more 与其说不如说…;126. intellectual discipline 知识学科;127. whether…or 还是…;128. refer to 指代…;129. peculiar to …特有的;130. appropriate to 适合

;恰当的;131. apply to 适合于;存在于;132. view…as 看成;当成;133. equate…

with 等同于…;认为

2000 年:

134. speclialized scientists 专家;135. centralized control 中央控制;136. under…

conditions 条件下;137. such as 比如;138. it is obvious that 很明显…;139. be

bound up with 联系在一起;有关系;140. be directly bound up with 直接相

;141. in turn 依此;轮流;;142. rest upon…取决于;143. of all kinds 所有种类的…;144.

owing to 由于;145. be exposed to sth. 暴露于;接触到;146. be forced to do sth. 被迫

…;147. for the reasons given above 由于上述原因;148. far-reaching 意义深远的;

响很大的;149. spread over 遍布;覆盖;150. arise from 产生的;带来的;151.

migration movement 人口流动;152. modern means of transport 现代交通手段;153.

population explosion 人口爆炸

2001 年:

154. pollution monitor 污染监测器;155. digital age 数字时代;156. be regarded

as…被当成是;157. piece together 拼合;汇聚;综合 158. hundreds of 数以百计的;159.

around the world 全世界;160. key breakthroughs and discoveries 重大突破与发

;161. take place 发生;162. point out 指出;163. lead to 导致;164. home appliances

家用电器;165. result in 导致;166. man-machine integration 人机一体化

2002 年:

167. behavior science 行为科学;168. human nature 人性;169. natural selction

自然选择;170. a little more than a hundred yeras 一百多年:171. what is called 所谓的;172. trace…to… 寻找根源;研究;173. state of mind 心态;174. and so on 诸如

此类;175. partly because…and partly because…部分是因为部分是因为…;176. be

held responsible for…被认为应该对负责;177. be given credit for… 受到称赞;178.

with it 随之