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中英双语(领导人演讲致辞):黄溪连大使在中国—东盟建立战略对话关系15周年纪念日招 ...

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摘要: 黄溪连大使在中国—东盟建立战略对话关系15周年纪念日招待会上的讲话 Remarks by H.E. HUANG Xilian at the Reception in Celebration of the 15th Anniversary of China-ASEAN Strategic Partnership 尊敬的东盟秘 ...


Remarks by H.E. HUANG Xilian at the Reception in Celebration of the 15th Anniversary of China-ASEAN Strategic Partnership




Your Excellency Dato Lim Jock Hoi, Secretary General of ASEAN,

Your Excellencies Dr. Hoang Anh Tuan, Dr. Aladdin Rillo, Vongthep Arthakaivalvatee and Dr. AKP Mochtan, Deputy Secretary Generals of ASEAN

Your Excellencies members of the CPR and Ambassadors of dialogue partners to ASEAN,

Ladies and Gentlemen,



Good evening.


Welcome to my humble new residence. In China, there is a tradition for the senior to come and visit the new house of younger members of the family to offer congratulations and best wishes, a practice we call “warming up the house”. The presence of so many distinguished guests today is much more than “warming up the house”, to which I am deeply indebted. All presence here are very senior in official rankings, but you are not necessarily senior in terms of age.


But of course I am fully aware that you are here not mainly to see my new house, but more importantly, to acknowledge and express appreciation to our colleague and good friend DSG Vongthep. A few days ago I attended the reception hosted by Ambassador Phasporn in honor of DSG Vongthep. Ambassador Phasporn has used all the sweet and beautiful words on DSG that I am afraid I can never compete. But I tried hard and talked with my colleagues in the mission for their impressions about DSG. They gave me many words, and the most common words are “young and energetic”. Yes, he is so far the youngest DSG , and he is indeed a man full of energy, vigor, vitality and a man full of ideas and wisdom. I am sure that this is a blessing to his boss SG Dato Lim Jock Hoi, but certainly a challenge to his staff.


And beyond his vigor, we are also blessed with his vision to promote closer cooperation between ASEAN and China, in particular in the area of socio-culture and people-to-people links. The China-ASEAN education cooperation action plan, for example, is a genuine effort to promote educational cooperation and people-to-people exchanges between China and ASEAN. Another concrete outcome is the symposium on Sustainable Development Goals, which is co-organized by my mission, the ASEAN Secretariat and the UNDP. The symposium has been organized three years in a running with different but coherent focus on narrowing development gaps and achieving SDG goals within ASEAN. As the designer and promoter of this project, DSG Vonthepe has made his personal contribution to this noble effort, for which we will salute you and we will continue this project to deliver benefits to more people across the region.


Well, as diplomats, we are getting used to the “goodbye” part. To quote from Shakespeare, parting is a sweet sorrow. Please accept my best wishes in your future endeavor and please be assured that you will be missed by the Jakarta family here. Thank you.



Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

今天也是中国东盟关系中一个特殊日子。L1Wang Y1国务委员兼外长分别与东盟轮值主席国新加坡总理李显龙、林玉辉秘书长今天互致贺电,庆祝中国与东盟建立战略伙伴关系15周年。15年前的今天,中国与东盟十国领导人在巴厘岛共同签署《联合宣言》,宣布建立面向和平与繁荣的战略伙伴关系。大家刚才看到一张珍贵的历史照片,就是Wen2003年东盟轮值主席国印尼总统梅加瓦蒂互换宣言文本。这开启了中国东盟关系的新篇。

Today is a special day on China-ASEAN relations. L1 and Wang Y1 just exchanged congratulatory messages with ASEAN Chair Singapore’s Prime Minster Lee Hsien Loong and ASEAN SG Dato Lim Jock Hoi on the 15th anniversary of China-ASEAN Strategic Partnership. It was on this date 15 years ago that the leaders of China and ASEAN countries gathered in Bali, Indonesia and signed the Joint Declaration for the establishment of China-ASEAN strategic partnership. The photo in the presentation we just watched captured the moment when the then Wen and Indonesian President Megawati were exchanging the Declaration.


A new chapter was opened. In the decade and half since, China-ASEAN relationship has grown more and more mature as a result of our enduring efforts to nurture mutual trust, deepen good-neighborly friendship, promote win-win cooperation and uphold regional peace and stability. As said by Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, China-ASEAN cooperation has become one of the most successful and dynamic among the Asian-Pacific cooperation.


Throughout this year, we have witnessed robust exchanges between the two sides. X1 met with ASEAN leaders including the Singapore Prime Minister, the Philippines President and Malaysia Prime Minister. In May,L1 paid a historic visit to the ASEAN Secretariat, a testament of China’s firm commitment to a regional architecture with ASEAN at the center. Secretary General Dato Lim Jock Hoi’s official visit was a resounding success, followed by separate trips to China by various DSGs. Also in the year, my Mission has worked closely with the ASEAN Chair and the country-coordinator and the ASEC in organizing a number of activities, including seminars and photo exhibitions.

特别值得一提的是,作为15周年重要纪念活动之一,东盟常驻代表委员会和黄英俊副秘书长一行上个月成功访华。Wang Y1会见了代表团,他对雅加达渠道作用的充分肯定给我们很大鼓舞和激励。代表团还出席了中国东盟博览会以及人文交流活动,与阿里巴巴集团畅谈电子商务、智慧城市等新兴领域合作。我相信,大家对与马云先生会晤时热烈讨论、相互启发的记忆尤为深刻。

As one of the most important commemorative activities, the CPR and DSG Hoang Anh Tuan paid a successful visit to China last month. Wang Y1 met with the delegation and his full commendation of Jakarta Channel gave all of us much encouragement and inspiration. The delegation also attended the China-ASEAN EXPO and cultural activities, and had a good talk with Alibaba Group to explore future cooperation in e-commerce and smart cities. I believe the visit was highlighted by the most impressive discussion and mutual enlightenment with Jack Ma.


Most encouragingly, through the Jakarta Channel, we have wound up consultations, ahead of schedule, on the China-ASEAN Strategic Partnership Vision 2030, a milestone document to be issued at the China-ASEAN Summit this November. We are sure that with guidance and wisdom of our leaders, our relations will embark on a higher level. China is also ready to work closely with other dialogue partners to contribute to peace and prosperity of the region.


I wish you a wonderful evening. Thank you!

























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