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摘要: Mobike gives up on bike hire in Manchester摩拜单车放弃曼彻斯特市场公众号:英语人才会个人微信:BlucestudyThe sharing economy may be conquering the world but its limits have been demonstrated in the nor ...

Mobike gives up on bike hire in Manchester




The sharing economy may be conquering the world but its limits have been demonstrated in the northern English city of Manchester where Chinese cycle hire company Mobike has decided to pull out because of widespread vandalism and theft.


Mobike said that in July alone 10 per cent, or about 200, of its Manchester bikes were stolen or damaged.


While many cycle hire schemes have docking stations where bikes are picked up and dropped off, Mobikes can be picked up and left anywhere. The company, perhaps unwisely, boasted that they were theft and vandal-proof.


Some locals appeared to take this as a challenge. Soon after Mobike made its Manchester debut — also its first outing in Europe — in July 2017, footage emerged of a gang throwing rocks at a bike, while police posted pictures showing several with their locks snapped off by industrial strength cutters.


Since then, Manchester Mobikes have been found in local canals, back yards and even up lampposts.


Mobike said it “suffered increased bike losses dues to theft and vandalism in the city” over the summer and decided to pull out and refund deposits to customers.


Jan Van der Ven, general manager of Mobike UK, said: “We have a duty to ensure our revenues cover our costs.”

摩拜单车英国总经理简•范德文(Jan Van der Ven)表示:“我们有责任确保我们的营收能够覆盖成本。”

However, Andy Burnham, mayor of Greater Manchester, said Mobike had only itself to blame. “The scheme wasn’t properly thought out from the beginning,” he told the Manchester Evening News, suggesting docking stations were a better idea.

然而,大曼彻斯特市市长安迪•伯纳姆(Andy Burnham)表示,摩拜单车只能怪自己。“该计划从一开始就没有经过深思熟虑,”他告诉《曼彻斯特晚报》(Manchester Evening News)。他提出,设立停车点是一个更好的主意。

Users pay a deposit to hire a Mobike and then 69p per half-hour. An app shows the location of the nearest bike and sends a code to unlock it.


The company said it would continue to operate in London, Newcastle, Oxford, Cambridge and other European cities.


Mobike, which is one of the biggest bike-hire companies by number of bikes and was worth $3.7bn in April 2018, is in a battle for dominance with rivals oBike, ofo and GoBee. Uber has also entered the market and there are more than 1,700 bike-sharing schemes worldwide, according to a website that tracks the industry.


GoBee quit France and Italy in February. In France, it said, 60 per cent of its bikes were destroyed in four months. There have also been reports of vandalism in Australia.


Even docking stations are no guarantee of security though. Santander-sponsored bikes in Milton Keynes suffered £200,000 of damage between June 2016 and August 2017 before some stations were moved.

即使停车点也不能保证安全。2016年6月至2017年8月期间,桑坦德(Santander)赞助的共享单车在米尔顿凯恩斯(Milton Keynes)遭受20万英镑的损失,之后一些停车点被移除。

The experiences of Mobike and its rivals raise questions about whether “sharing” business models can work everywhere, though companies renting out everything from houses to scooters and cars have raised billions of dollars worldwide.


Alexandros Nikitas, a transport lecturer at the University of Huddersfield, warned that bike-sharing schemes needed to improve security and fund education campaigns “to encourage people to take a positive attitude towards these bikes”. Even so, “not every city is destined to become a paradise for cyclists”.

英国哈德斯菲尔德大学(University of Huddersfield)的交通讲师亚历山德罗斯•尼基塔斯(Alexandros Nikitas)警告称,自行车共享计划需要增强安全,并资助教育活动“以鼓励人们对这些自行车持积极态度”。即便如此,“并非每个城市都注定成为骑自行车者的天堂”。