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摘要: Tang Media’s US movie unit Global Road in hands of bankers好莱坞一中资制片公司被债权人接管公众号:英语人才会 谢谢!A unit of Tang Media Partners, an investment group set up with the goal of marrying ...

Tang Media’s US movie unit Global Road in hands of bankers


公众号:英语人才会 谢谢!

A unit of Tang Media Partners, an investment group set up with the goal of marrying Hollywood magic with China’s market power, is in the hands of bankers after violating the conditions of its loan agreements.

以结合好莱坞魔力与中国市场力量为目标的投资集团Tang Media Partners旗下一个部门在违反贷款协议条件后,已由银行家接管。

Tang Media, which has offices in Los Angeles and Shanghai, was set up by businessman and former Bear Stearns banker Donald Tang in 2015. It was bolstered by an initial fundraising that tapped some of China’s leading investors, including Li Ruigang’s China Media Group, China Everbright, Tencent and Sequoia Capital China’s Neil Shen.

在洛杉矶和上海两地办公的Tang Media,由商人、前贝尔斯登(Bear Stearns)银行家唐伟(Donald Tang)在2015年成立。该投资集团得到初期筹款活动的提振,筹资活动吸引了中国一些领先投资者,包括黎瑞刚的华人文化产业投资基金(China Media Capital)、中国光大(China Everbright)、腾讯(Tencent)以及红杉中国(Sequoia Capital China)的沈南鹏(Neil Shen)。

Last year, the company bought Open Road, a US film studio whose titles include Oscar-winner Spotlight, and brought in veteran Hollywood studio executive Rob Friedman to run it. That followed Tang Media’s 2016 purchase of a controlling stake in film financier and sales agency IM Global. The two were combined and renamed Global Road Entertainment.

去年,该公司收购了美国电影制片公司Open Road——该公司曾制作荣获奥斯卡最佳影片奖的《惊爆焦点》(Spotlight)——并请来好莱坞资深制片高管罗布•弗里德曼(Rob Friedman)来执掌这家制片公司。此前,Tang Media在2016年收购了电影融资和销售代理商IM Global的控股权。两家公司被合并,然后更名为Global Road Entertainment。

The film studio, however, has proved to be a drain on the group, as movies already in the works have flopped. Parts of Global Road Entertainment have now been taken over by a Bank of America-led creditor group.

然而,这家电影制片公司被证明是该集团的烧钱生意,不止一部已经在拍摄的电影泡汤。Global Road Entertainment的某些部分已被由美国银行(Bank of America)牵头的一群债权人接管。

“The combination of poor recent releases and a slow fundraising environment were too difficult,” said one person with direct knowledge of the matter.


Tang Media is one of a number of experiments aimed at combining Chinese capital and Hollywood expertise to skirt restrictions on foreign films in China while creating content for mainland viewers.

Tang Media是一系列旨在结合中国资本和好莱坞专长的实验之一,目的是与中国对外国电影的限制打擦边球,并创作面向中国观众的内容。

Other companies to make similar moves include Dalian Wanda, which started the trend with its purchase of Legendary Entertainment, as well as Fosun-backed Studio Eight and STX, which has money from China’s Hony Capital and TPG. STX originally planned to list in Hong Kong in coming months, according to investors. None of these companies, however, has been notably successful.

采取类似举措的其他公司包括大连万达(Dalian Wanda)——该集团收购传奇娱乐(Legendary Entertainment)之举开启了这一趋势——以及由复星(Fosun)支持的Studio Eight和STX,后者从中国的弘毅投资(Hony Capital)和德州太平洋集团(TPG)获得注资。据投资者介绍,STX本来计划在未来几个月在香港上市。然而,这些公司中没有一家经营得特别成功。

Moreover, since Chinese investors first started buying stakes in Hollywood studios, the mood on both sides of the Pacific has changed as Beijing has revisited its media investment strategy and US-China trade tensions have grown.


Mr Tang retains key parts of what was supposed to be a new style media empire. His joint venture with Tencent, intended to produce television and video content for the internet company, is intact. The China office is not affected by the fate of the US film distribution business that the banks took over.


Bank of America, which provided finance for the films in production at the former Open Road studio, will decide in coming days whether to sell off assets such as the rights to forthcoming films and any income that unsuccessful ones earned. Those films include Hotel Artemis and Show Dogs, and several titles that have not yet been released. Most fell far short of their expected box office performance, according to three people with knowledge of the situation.

曾为原Open Road制片厂制作中的电影提供融资的美国银行,将在未来数日内决定是否出售资产,如即将上映的电影的权利以及那些不成功的电影所取得的任何收入。这些电影包括《犯罪急诊室》(Hotel Artemis)和《汪星卧底》(Show Dogs),还有好几部尚未发行的电影。三位知情人士表示,多数影片的票房表现远远不如预期。

Mr Tang, who is best known as a former head of Bear Stearns in Asia, is in talks with existing shareholders to try to raise new equity capital according to these people.


Mr Tang declined to comment.