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摘要: Blankfein announces departure高盛首席执行官宣布9月卸任Lloyd Blankfein will step down as chief executive of Goldman Sachs in September after 12 years in which he steered the Wall Street institution thr ...

Blankfein announces departure


Lloyd Blankfein will step down as chief executive of Goldman Sachs in September after 12 years in which he steered the Wall Street institution through the financial crisis only to see it chastened in the aftermath.

劳尔德•贝兰克梵(Lloyd Blankfein)将在9月卸任高盛(Goldman Sachs)首席执行官一职,此前12年期间,他领导这家华尔街机构挺过金融危机,结果却看到它在危机后受到惩罚。

As Mr Blankfein announced he would hand over to David Solomon, Goldman’s president and the heir apparent, the bank reported a 44 per cent increase in quarterly profits and claimed its strongest start to the year since 2009 — but its shares still fell more than 1 per cent.

贝兰克梵宣布将向高盛总裁和接班人苏德巍(David Solomon)交棒之际,该行报告季度利润增长44%,并宣称今年实现自2009年以来最强劲的开局——但其股价仍下跌逾1%。

“It’s always been hard for me to imagine leaving,” Mr Blankfein, 63, wrote in an internal memo. “When times are tougher, you can’t leave. And, when times are better, you don’t want to leave. Today, I don’t want to retire from Goldman Sachs but, by my own perhaps convoluted logic, it feels like the right time.”


He addressed a packed meeting of managing directors at Goldman’s headquarters in Manhattan, with bankers spilling into anterooms. “Lloyd didn’t have tears in his eyes . . . but everyone was rapt,” said a person in attendance.


Under Mr Blankfein’s stewardship, Goldman weathered the crisis as Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch failed or were swallowed by rivals. But Goldman became a lightning rod for criticism, hit by fines and hauled before congressional hearings.

在贝兰克梵的领导下,高盛挺过了金融危机,而雷曼兄弟(Lehman Brothers)、贝尔斯登(Bear Stearns)和美林(Merrill Lynch)不是倒闭,就是被竞争对手吞并。但高盛成了众矢之的,遭到罚款,还被叫到国会听证会上作证。

Its traditional, debt-fuelled business model wrecked by sweeping regulations, Mr Blankfein had to adapt, moving out of riskier trading activities and into less glamorous consumer loans.


Yesterday’s results showed signs of progress. Net profits of $2.35bn and earnings per share of $5.98 for the second quarter were far better than the $4.66 analysts predicted. Revenues for the quarter came in at $9.4bn, ahead of the expected $8.7bn and 19 per cent better than the second quarter of 2017.


But doubts remain over Goldman’s transformation. Its shares have fallen more than 10 per cent this year, significantly underperforming the sector.


Mike Mayo, a Wells Fargo analyst, suggested shares were also hit yesterday by the exit of a proven leader. “To us, [it] reflects strategic concerns as the CEO of 12 years is leaving in 75 days,” he said.

富国银行(Wells Fargo)分析师迈克•梅奥(Mike Mayo)提出,高盛股价昨日下跌的原因还包括一位经过验证的领导人告退。“在我们看来,这反映了战略性的担忧,因为任职12年的首席执行官将在75天后离任。”他表示。

Mr Blankfein will stay as chairman until the end of the year, before becoming a “senior chairman” on his retirement. He said he would then “pursue other interests in his life”. The banker has attracted 93,800 followers on Twitter — part of a loosening of Goldman’s traditionally buttoned-up approach — treating them to his views on everything from Brexit to Donald Trump, punctuated by his trademark humour.

贝兰克梵将担任董事长至年底,之后成为退休后的“高级主席”。他表示,届时他将“投入生活中的其他兴趣”。作为放松高盛传统上一本正经形象的努力的一部分,这位银行家在Twitter上吸引了9.38万名粉丝,让他们了解他在各种问题上——从英国退欧到唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump)——的看法,其间还点缀着他的标志性幽默。

Mr Solomon, head of Goldman’s investment bank, was anointed successor in March. Mr Blankfein said: “[David] has demonstrated a proven ability to build businesses, identified creative ways to enhance our culture and has put clients at the centre of our strategy.”