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摘要: Argentina seeks IMF aid as peso sell-off resumes阿根廷向IMF求助Argentina is seeking IMF aid after a series of drastic interest rate rises failed to stop the slide in the peso, pushing a country that o ...

Argentina seeks IMF aid as peso sell-off resumes


Argentina is seeking IMF aid after a series of drastic interest rate rises failed to stop the slide in the peso, pushing a country that only recently restored its credibility with investors back towards a financial crisis.


Mauricio Macri, the reform-minded president, announced the approach in a televised address, saying international assistance would enable the government to “avoid a crisis like the ones we have faced before in our history”.

具有改革意识的总统毛里西奥•马克里(Mauricio Macri)在一次电视讲话中宣布了这一举措,他表示,国际援助将使政府能够“避免我们曾经遇到过的那些危机”。

In discussions with Christine Lagarde, IMF managing director, Mr Macri discussed a precautionary credit line Buenos Aires could access to shore up its currency and stabilise debt markets. Bloomberg News reported he was seeking $30bn.

在与IMF总裁克里斯蒂娜•拉加德(Christine Lagarde)的讨论中,马克里请求为布宜诺斯艾利斯安排一个预防性信贷额度,以帮助支撑该国货币并稳定债务市场。彭博新闻社(Bloomberg News)报道称,他寻求获得300亿美元的信贷额度。

The talks took place as the peso plunged more than 5 per cent to a record low of 23.10 pesos to the dollar, taking its decline in the past eight trading days to 12 per cent — in spite of its central bank spending $5bn in reserves and raising interest rates to 40 per cent on Friday. Mr Macri’s announcement gave the currency a brief reprieve and it recovered to 22.30.


Simon Quijano-Evans, EM strategist at Legal & General Asset Management, said the IMF programme would be likely to lead to further fiscal tightening in a country that has already been working through Mr Macri’s more gradual austerity programme.

伦敦法通投资管理公司(Legal & General Investment Management,简称LGIM)的新兴市场策略师西蒙•奎贾诺-埃文斯(Simon Quijano-Evans)表示,对于正在执行马克里更为渐进的紧缩计划的阿根廷来说,IMF的计划可能会导致其进一步紧缩财政。

“The most effective way would be to restrict wage hikes,” said Mr Quijano-Evans. A flexible credit line, an IMF programme without fiscal conditions, was unlikely, he added.

“最有效的办法将是限制工资上涨,” 奎贾诺-埃文斯表示。他补充说,灵活的信贷额度,即不附带财政条件的IMF计划,是不太可能的。

Mr Macri’s opponents attacked him for his decision to approach the IMF, which has a troubled history in Argentina. “After receiving a country with one of the lowest levels of debt in the world, Macri announces that he must resort to the recipes of the IMF. We changed the future for the past,” Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Mr Macri’s leftist predecessor, wrote on Twitter.

马克里的反对者抨击他向IMF求助的决定,该组织曾在阿根廷遭遇不少麻烦。“在接手债务水平位居全球最低之列的国家后,马克里宣布他不得不求助于IMF的药方。我国的未来方向转向了过去,”马克里的左翼前任克里斯蒂娜•费尔南德斯•德基什内尔(Cristina Fernández de Kirchner)在Twitter上写道。

Mr Macri defended his “gradualist” strategy to rebalance the “disastrous” inheritance from Ms Kirchner’s government, which he accused of “demagoguery and lies”.


Argentina’s problems have been exacerbated by a surge in the US dollar, which has risen as investors increasingly believe the US economy is growing faster than the rest of the world’s. The dollar’s rise has turned the focus on to emerging markets, where slowing growth and rising debt levels have given traders a new round of jitters.


Although the peso has been the hardest-hit developing world currency, it was not alone yesterday. The Turkish lira fell 0.8 per cent against the dollar to a record low of TL4.30.


The sell-off was not helped by Jay Powell, Federal Reserve chairman, who signalled US rate-setters believed emerging markets could weather US interest rate rises on their own.

美联储(Federal Reserve)主席杰伊•鲍威尔(Jay Powell)的表态也对新兴市场货币的抛售没有帮助,他发出信号表示,美国利率制定者相信,新兴市场能够靠自己的力量应对美国升息。