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外刊精读笔记:金融时报 宝马拟在中国制造Mini品牌汽车

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摘要: BMW in talks to manufacture Mini in China宝马拟在中国制造Mini品牌汽车感谢Bluce学英语外刊精读笔记互享1群14号所作笔记新浪微博@Bluce学英语 公众号:Bluce学英语1.talk to sb意思是对某人讲话,介词TO 表示"方 ...
BMW in talks to manufacture Mini in China 
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1.talk to sb意思是对某人讲话,介词TO 表示"方向",表示一个人要对另一个人讲话,但是不表示对方也需要讲话,主要是强调告诉某人什么事 
talk with sb 则表达的是和某人一起谈论什么事物,与某人一起交谈,双方都要发表言论,相互沟通,介词WITH表示"一起 

BMW is in talks to create a Chinese joint venture in a bid to expand the Mini brand into the world’s biggest and fastest growing car market. 
2.Venture的本意是“风险” joint是“共同的” 
3. in a bid to 努力试图,还有投标的意思。在这里表示的是一种企图,企图讲Mini引入世界最大增长最快的市场 

The talks with Great Wall Motor, China’s seventh largest car maker and biggest producer of sport utility vehicles, will not affect jobs in the UK, said a person familiar with the situation. 
据一名知情人士透露,与中国第七大汽车制造商和最大运动型多功能车(SUV)制造商长城汽车(Great Wall Motor)的洽谈,将不会影响英国境内的就业岗位。 
4. a person familiar with the situation. 翻译成知情人士,翻译的时候放在最句子的开头。 
5. SUV= sport utility vehicles 运动型多功能车 
A sport utility vehicle (SUV) is a vehicle classified as a light truck, but operated as a family vehicle. 
a high-performance four-wheel drive car built on a truck chassis 

The venture would be focused on manufacturing an electric version of the Mini in China as part of an effort to meet the country’s regulations encouraging electric vehicle production, set to go into effect in 2019, the person added. 
6.version 中文解释:翻译, 译本, 译文; (根据个人观点对事件等的)描述, 说法, 见解 形式, 种类; 变形, 变体; 现代款式 改写本; 版本; 经过改编的歌曲 
definition : 
(1) a : an account or description from a particular point of view especially as contrasted with another account 
b : an adaptation of a literary work the movie version of the novel 
c : an arrangement of a musical composition 
(2): a form or variant of a type or original an experimental version of the airplane 
(3) : a translation from another language; especially : a translation of the Bible or a part of it 
(4)a : a condition in which an organ and especially the uterus is turned from its normal position 
b : manual turning of a fetus in the uterus to aid delivery 

The deal is not about “outsourcing” production or reducing capacity of Mini’s production site in Oxford, nor is it related to Brexit. “We are talking about additional growth, not outsourcing,” the person said. 
7. outsourcing 业务外包 (Commerce) to subcontract (work) to another company 
lower the production cost , increase the efficiency . 
8.Brexit or Brixit 是一种英国退出欧盟的戏谑性说法。 
British exit or Britain exiting from the EU 

“If you look at Mini, it’s British in terms of origin but it has further potential to grow. That growth can’t just come from Oxford.” 
9.in terms of 是就什么而言, 加上origin是就起源而言是英国,翻译成发源于英国。 

If a deal is struck, the Minis would be the first to be manufactured outside Europe. 
10. a deal is struck 达成协议。原形strike a deal 常与 with 连用 

Shares in Great Wall shot up on Wednesday, leading to their suspension on Thursday, as investors speculated on the prospects of the deal. 
11.shot up 喷发 ,发芽 ,急升。Shares shot up 股票大涨 
12.suspension 悬浮暂停,在句子中股票上涨 然后是停牌 符合逻辑关系 
Great Wall, founded by billionaire chairman Wei Jianjun, said it will soon clarify press reports about the deal and resume trading of the company’s shares. 

BMW declined to comment. 
Nearly 50 per cent of BMWs sold around the world are produced outside Germany, as the company pursues a localisation strategy to build cars where they are purchased. 

The joint venture agreement will be similar to other such deals signed this year to produce new energy vehicles in China, all aimed at satisfying Chinese regulators. 
14.Chinese regulators. 中国监管机构。 

In May, Volkswagen and Chinese car maker JAC received permission to go ahead with a joint venture to make battery cars. 
Daimler, Ford, General Motors and the Renault-Nissan Alliance also announced similar joint ventures. 
戴姆勒(Daimler)、福特(Ford)、通用汽车(General Motors)和雷诺-日产联盟(Renault-Nissan Alliance)也都宣布了类似的合资企业。 

BMW currently makes cars with joint venture partner Brilliance China Automotive based in Shenyang. That contract, extended in June 2014, is valid until 2028 and BMW said it “will carry on to invest and develop this joint venture”. 
宝马目前与合资伙伴、总部位于沈阳的华晨汽车(Brilliance China Automotive)联手制造汽车。该合约在2014年6月续签,有效期至2028年;宝马表示,将“继续投资开发这家合资企业”。 
15.base in Shenyang ,根基于沈阳,就是说总部位于沈阳 
16. carry on 经营,继续进行,争吵吵闹。 

According to Chinese law, foreign companies may only produce cars in China in conjunction with a Chinese local partner. 
The Mini was designed in the 1950s and became one of Britain’s most popular cars. Now owned by BMW, it is mostly produced in the UK, but in 2014 it expanded production to the Netherlands. 
Earlier this year, BMW chose Oxford instead of the Netherlands or Germany for upcoming production of the electric Mini, following months of lobbying from the UK government. 

17. lobby 
v. 游说 

Global car companies have been coming to terms with new regulations in China designed to speed up the shift away from combustion engines and towards electric vehicles. New rules require traditional car makers to offset combustion engine cars produced with annually rising amounts of credits, which they can earn by making electric vehicles or by buying credits from electric vehicle makers. 
近期全球汽车公司在努力适应中国出台的新法规,这些法规旨在加快从内燃发动机转向电动汽车的进程。新规要求传统汽车制造商用逐年增加的积分来抵消内燃发动机汽车产量;它们可以 通过制造电动车挣得积分,也可以向电动车制造商购买积分。 
18. coming to 正在... going to 是即将去... 
we may say that something is happening or going to happen 
19. credit n. 信用,信誉;[金融] 贷款;学分;信任;声望 
commendation or honor given for some action, quality, a source of pride or honor Education. to award educational credits to (often followed by with) 
v. 相信,信任;把…归给,归功于;赞颂 
amounts of credits, amount of amount用作名词 
其意为“数量”、“金额”“总额”等,通常用于 an amount of, a (great, large) amount of ,amounts of这类结构,其后通常接不可数名词。作为名词当做学分积分。 

BMW has outlined plans for at least 12 fully electric cars by 2025.